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Auto Pilot Profits Makes you Happy


superstuff says……

philosophy 101

question “can money buy happiness?”

answer “if you are happy with the things money can buy then yes money can buy happiness.  if you can not buy the things that make you happy because you lack money than you are unhappy. money can and does buy happiness”

so are you happy or unhappy?

need some money to be happy?

make some money.

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average joe income package – money talks


super stuff says………………..

are you tired of looking at all the money  you don’t have? 

are you tired of being a voyeur?

end the torture. end the torment.  stop drooling.  start earning. 

get the bucks you want.  get the bucks you deserve.  get the cash to to flash.

easy money here.

May 21, 2007 at 7:15 pm 1 comment

average joe income package – are you still average?


super stuff says………………..

hey all you average people.  still average?  don’t you want to be “special?”  you don’t want to stay average. 

video instructions to get “special.”  updates to stay “special.” money to become “super special.”

carpe diem.  average joe income package can make you special. 

be special. 

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on line beginners need average joe income package


 super stuff says………..

average joe income package  + beginner = money

on line marketers need a system.  on line marketers starting out need information.  on line marketers starting out need a step by step plan. 

enter average joe income package.  exit beginners.  beginners will be transformed by average joe income package. 

beginners + average joe income package = transformation.

get average joe income package

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average joe income package


super stuff says……….

beginners enter.

average joe income package is for you.  new, curious, learning yet a beginner.  this is for you.

videos with step by step instructions.  written instructions that are easy to read and understand. 

no more excuses for you to get started.  no more excuses for you to succeed. 

study the package.  learn what to do.  then set up your on line business. 

once you are moving forward get the updates and added info from average joe income package.  you will be kept informed of new advice and secrets.

jump in and make the cash.

May 17, 2007 at 1:01 pm 2 comments

are you smart


super stuff says………..

oodles of money.  is it making you drool?  don’t you want some of it?

are you willing to spend money to make money?  that is what the wise business people do.  they do it because it works.

they spend money wisely.  they spend money on things that will help them make more money. 

smart business people know what internet marketing mania can do. 

are you one of them?

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bucks vs pennies


super stuff says………………

do you like to have lots of  pennies or lots of bucks? 

there is only one answer.  if you think you can go either way leave now!

want lots of bucks???  there is only one answer.  if you think you can go either way leave now!!!

when the dust settles will you be with the pennies or the bucks?  there is only one choice. 

be on the winners side.

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